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02/21/11 Trip to the Comic Shop, Reviews- Detective Comics #873, Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #2


Toy review- Marvel Legends ‘Mr. Sinister’

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About Mr. Sinister. from Wikipedia

Writer Chris Claremont conceived Mister Sinister as a new villain for the X-Men, having felt “tired of just going back toMagneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the same old same old” Claremont recalled:

“Dave Cockrum and I were over ideas and what we were coming towards was a mysterious young boy – apparently an 11-year-old – at the orphanage where Scott (Cyclops) was raised, who turned out to be the secret master of the place. In effect what we were setting up was a guy who was aging over a lifespan of roughly a thousand years. Even though he looked like an 11-year-old, he’d actually been alive since the mid-century at this point – he was actually about 50 […] He had all the grown up urges. He’s growing up in his mind but his body isn’t capable of handling it, which makes him quite cranky. And, of course, looking like an 11-year-old, who’d take him seriously in the criminal community? […] So he built himself an agent in a sense, which was Mister Sinister, that was, in effect, the rationale behind Sinister’s rather – for want of a better word – childish or kid-like appearance. The costume… the look… the face… it’s what would scare a child. Even when he was designed, he wasn’t what you’d expect in a guy like that.”


01/12/11 Trip to the Comic Shop, Reviews- X-Men #1, X-Men #2

01/05/11 Trip to the Comic Shop, Reviews- Batman The Dark Knight #1, Detective Comics #872

The Good, the Not-so good, and the UGH: Reviews Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Spider-girl #2 and more!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! The books I picked up this week are DC Comics Presents T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1, Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Spider-girl #2, Thunderstrike #2, and Heroic Age: X-Men #1.


Batman: The Dark Knight #1– David Finch’s first (I think) full issue as writer and penciller is good, but not great. A childhood friend of Bruce (love the retcon kid friends Bruce has been given the last few years, how about you?) has been kidnapped and he becomes obessed in trying to find her. He encounters Killer Croc who is high on a variation of Venom, and is given a name. He’s on the trail, but is it a trap?? If so, who set the trap? Like I said it’s ok, but not great. I’ll give it another couple of issues, and hope that things will get better. This title is on my pull list, but nothing is in stone.

DC Comics Presents THUNDER Agents #1– For the last couple of months, DC has been collecting certain story arcs and reprinting them with the “DC Comics Presents” banner. Most I already have original, but jumped at the chance to get this. This books reprints issues 1, 2, and 7 of the Tower Comics that were original published back in the 1960s. The origins of Dynamo, NoMan, and Menthor, plus the inclusion of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. squad is here. It’s like the Justice League meets Mission Impossible. For someone who hasn’t read these books before, but heard a lot about them, this was great. It was a fun read and it’s great to see classic artwork from Wally Wood, Gil Kane, and George Tuska among others here. RECOMMENDED!!!

Spider-girl #2– Anya and the Fantastic Four are battling what appears to be the mind-controlled Red Hulk. Unfortunately, Anya’s father is part of the collateral damage and dies. Anya decides to quit being Spider-girl until her friend Rocky tells her how are her mother died being a hero during a battle between Spider-man and the Green Goblin. I won’t reveal what is on the final page, but we are given a clue to what’s going on here. However, the questions who, and why will have to wait to be answered.

Thunderstrike #2 – The aftermath of Kevin’s transformation as Thunderstrike and battling the Rhino starts the book. Kevin is not interested in being Thunderstrike since that’s what killed his father. A possible romantic interest enters as well as a friend for someone who wants to be alone. Meanwhile, the mysterious stranger who wants the Thunderstrike sends a strike team to get it. At which Gruenhilda of the Valkrior appears to assist Kevin and informs him that she is here to instruct him of the Thunderstrike and its abilities. Unfortunately, the team obtains the mace at the worst possible time for Kevin…






Heroic Age: X-Men #1– So sue me, I kinda like these “database” books. Steve Rogers assess the mutants, former mutants, and mutant sympathizers as well as their enemies. I put this in a “Not Applicable” because these books never really fit a Good, Not-So-Good or Ugh category. If you’ve never read the mutant titles, or (like me) haven’t read them in a long time, this gets you back in the game.






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The Good, the Not-so good, and the UGH: Reviews -Incredible Hulks #619, Secret Avengers #8 and more!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! The books I picked up this week were: DC Universe Legacies #8, Dead Avengers #2, Incredible Hulks #619, Larfleeze Christmas Special, Secret Avengers #8, The Stuff of Legend Volume II: The Jungle, Part 3.


DC Universe Legacies #8– The Death of Superman, Knightfall and Emerald Twilight are the focus of this issue. I have really been enjoying this miniseries, and saddened to realize that there are only two more issues left. It’s not just the history of the DC heroes, but also about a police officer who was inspired by their actions. Lein Wein has done a great job writing the main story and backups (btw – this issue’s backup involves the New Gods with art by Frank Quitely).

Green Lantern Corps #55– “The Weaponer” part three. I bought parts one and two last week and really enjoyed the arc so I’m continuing the story. The GL honor guards have gone to the planet Qward to rescue Sora from the Weaponer. It is revealed how the Weaponer is able to create the right weapon at the right time. Gathnet also reveals what’s been going on in the Emerald Warriors title. The thunderers see their chance to get rid of the Weaponer. I won’t reveal the cliffhanger, but I expect to see a lot of yellow in the final chapter of the story.

Larfleeze Christmas Special – This is cute. Larfleeze wakes up Christmas morning to find out that he did not receive any gifts from Santa. So he heads out attacking anyone wearing a Santa suit and causing a lot of damage until he’s told that Santa lives at the North Pole. Hal Jordan shows up to contain him and tells him about the Christmas spirit. I won’t ruin the ending, but it’s sort of a typical Christmas story ending. Also included are: a recipe for orange cookies, a Larfleeze Christmas ornament, a maze game for you to help Larfleeze find the North Pole, and a two-page short story featuring Glomulus.

Incredible Hulks #619– It is revealed that Zom is controlling Doctor Strange. Team Hulk is still trying to protect Marlo since she has been touched by Death. She decides to use what abilities she has to help the team by bringing additional help in the forms of Doc Samson, Jarella, Glenn Talbot, and Hiroim the Oldtrsong. The Abomination decides that two can play this game by bringing back…I’m not telling. As I’ve stated before, I’m not reading Chaos War, just a couple of one-shots and the Dead Avengers miniseries (the latest issue reviewed here as well). I was worried about not being able to follow what’s going on, but for the most part that is not the case.

The Stuff of Legend Volume II: The Jungle, Part 3– The toys are still in the jungle trying to find their master and rescue him from the Bogeyman. The animals have a problem with the toys as they see them as slaves to their master (the boy). They are very resentful of Jester and Harmony as they have a human appearance. Meanwhile we find out what the armies of the Boogeyman are doing after the attack of the Golems last issue. Questions are answered and new ones are asked. It seems like it has been at least two months since part two came out. I don’t know why there was a delay outside of the fact that it’s a small independent company. If you are not reading this, do yourself a favor and get the Volume I collection and read it. It won’t be a waste of money I swear!

Secret Avengers #8– The team may have discovered Fu Manchu’s origin and the reason he needs his son Shang-Chi. They are alerted to an attack in downtown Hong Kong. However, the attack was a diversion so Max (the Nick Fury LMD) and John Steele (a WWII ally with Steve Rogers) can kidnap Agent 13 to use as trade bait to get Shang-Chi. A little more action in this one, but this is a covert/espionage book so there are times were there would not be a lot of action. I like the Shadow Council as the foil to the Secret Avengers instead of pulling out A.I.M. or HYDRA. HYDRA is being used enough with the Avengers cartoon and the upcoming Captain America movie.


Dead Avengers #2– This is the second part of this three-issue mini-series. Newly resurrected Mar-vell, Vision, Swordsman, Deathcry, Doctor Druid, and Yellowjacket are hanging in trying to not to be killed again by the Grim Reaper and Nekra. Storywise, not a lot happens; the focus was more to the individual backstories and the interactions between the members of the group.  Part of me wishes that it were a four-issue mini because there seems to be too much of the flashbacks packed into this issue.  However, as I said, story-wise nothing really happened until the end. So, three may be enough. There’s been rumblings about an Avenger or two remaining alive after this story ends. I doubt it, but if it is the case – MAKE MINE MAR-VELL!!!


I won’t be a Grinch this week and say UGH. 🙂

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The Good, The Not So Good, and the Ugh: Reviews- Birds of Prey #7, Brightest Day #16 and more

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The books I picked up this week were Black Panther #513, Birds of Prey #7, Brightest Day #16, Batman: Orphans #2, and Green Lantern/Plastic Man: Weapons of Mass Deception.

The Good


Black Panther #513– Like Hercules took over the Incredible Hulk book after World War Hulk, Black Panther is taking over Daredevil the Man without Fear title. Fresh from abdicating his throne and title as Black Panther, T’Challa has come to New York to become Hell’s Kitchen’s new protector by the request of Matt Murdock. He has adopts the identity of Mr. Okonwo, and manages a diner called Devil’s Kitchen. He wants to live on the level of the people he has chosen to protect. His first task is to deal is a crime boss by the name of Vlad Dinu. It’s an interesting start to the series and I may give it another issue to two to see where it goes. Not familiar with David Liss’s writing or Francesco Francavilla’s art, but it works in this issue.

Brightest Day #16– The main story is Aquaman informing Jackson of his birthright and what is responsibilities are. Jackson at first doesn’t want it, but upon hearing Arthur’s story and hearing that he didn’t have a choice as well, decides to help in stopping the impending war. The secondary story is the heroes trying to help Firestorm control his powers before he destroys the universe. Meanwhile, Deathstorm is mentally torturing Jason’s father and Professor Stein. The issue’s end is another “WTF!” It was interesting like most issues, but I’m ready for the pace to pick up. With ten more issues left, it should be picking up soon. I hope.

Birds of Prey #7– “The Death of Oracle” – Gail Simone wouldn’t do that, would she? The issue begins Savant reporting to the Calculator that Barbara has fallen into their trap. Later he reports to Oracle that the Calculator may or may not believe him. Calculator enlists the help of Mortis, Goddess of the forgotten dead. Oracle takes Batman (Bruce) on tour of their new headquarters and reveals to him that “tonight Oracles dies. Once and for all.” I am not sure what to make of that. Meanwhile the rest of the Birds are celebrating Dawn’s (Dove) birthday at a strip club. There is some funny stufff there until Mortis shows up with some assistants ready to take out the Birds. Once again Gail does a great job and I like Ardian Syaf’s pencils. I hope he stays with the book.

The Not So Good

Batman: Orphans #2– This is the second part of this two issue mini-series. Batman, Robin, and Nightwing find out who’s the mastermind behind the imposter and the army of orphans. I didn’t really care for this mini-series and I’m not sure why. I also wonder why this came out now. This is an “untold tale not long ago,” but it has to be before Infinite Crisis because Tim is wearing his original suit. I think that an orphan or two will resurface in the Batman Inc. title – either as a sidekick or as a young Batman clone. I may be wrong, but just remember that I said this…

The Ugh

Green Lantern/Plastic Man: Weapons of Mass Deception- To me was not worth the $4.99. Plas recruits Hal Jordan to help him investigate a crime where the perpetrators used alien weapons. It turns out to be a smuggling operation run by alien…ducks? Oh boy. Tongue was definitely in check when Marv Wolfman (co-creator of New Teen Titans, writer of Crisis on Infinite Earths) wrote this story. I got tired of reading the book. Not even Brent Anderson’s art helped me. Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to read this book. I may try again later.



by: Thomas(of The Fellowship of the Geeks)

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