The Good, The Not So Good, and The Ugh: Reviews- Batman Beyond #6, Incredible Hulks #617 and more!

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The books I picked up this week were Batman Beyond #6, Batwoman #0, Incredible Hulks #617, Secret Avengers #7, Teen Titans #89, Thunderstrike #1, and Vampirella #1.

The Good

Batwoman #0-It really should be called “Batman – The Road Home: Batwoman.” Not that it’s a bad thing. The issue is a teaser for the series that starts in January. Bruce/Batman is trying to confirm Batwoman is Kate Kane and has the abilities to do the job well. Greg Rucka is not around anymore so J.H. Williams III’s partner in crime is W. Haden Blackman. The story is well written and I am optimistic for the series if this is what we’ll get. Williams is still handling the pencils except for the Kate Kane sequence, which was penciled by Amy Reeder. GET THIS BOOK!

Incredible Hulks #617– It’s the final chapter of “Dark Son.” This is probably the longest I’ve been on the Hulk title and it’s due to Greg Pak. I jumped on at World War Hulk, which was back in May of 2007! I’ve read Peter David’s stuff, but only in collected editions. The thing about his handling the character is that he makes Bruce seem more dangerous than the Hulk! Bruce has an edge and as the Hulk he is stable and focused. I’m not sure if this happened before Planet Hulk, but I like it. The Hulk family tries to stop the Hulk’s son Hiro-Kala from destroying Earth and stop his other son Skaar from killing Hiro-Kala. Nice little moment with Bruce and Betty who soften and transformed back to human form from Red She-Hulk made me think there was a chance, but it disappeared quickly. Too many She-Hulks (3), but I’m not sure which one should go away. Jennifer is the original, Betty as Red She-Hulk presents nice story possibilities, and Lyra (She-Hulk from an alternate future) presents story potential with the “stranger in a strange land.” The only thing that sucks is the next couple of months the title will be involved with the Chaos War event, which I’m not reading. UGH.

Secret Avengers #7- I am really enjoying this series. Granted, not a lot story wise happens in this issue, it’s still good. Shang-Chi (future member?) has to be rescued while the team tries to stop the resurrection of his father, Fu Manchu. Mike Deodato’s work is perfect for a series like this (or Moon Knight, or Batman – hint, hint) and I like Ed Brubaker’s writing. Definitely on my pull list!!

Thunderstrike #1- I believe this is a five issue series, but wouldn’t be upset if it lasted longer. Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz fresh off their run of Spider-Girl (goodbye Mayday Parker) come back to a character they created back in 1988, sort of. DeFalco does a great job to inform new readers of the backstory and get them caught up. I personally liked the M2 universe (the marvel of the future) that they did back in the 90s. This is a start toward that direction (the only one now since MJ and Peter aren’t married anymore – again goodbye May Parker, you never existed). It will be interesting to see if this is successful enough to do an ongoing and incorporate him into the Marvel universe (and maybe Avengers?).

The Not So Good

Batman Beyond #6- It’s the concluding chapter of the miniseries and a prelude to a new series (How did I miss this?). Kinda disappointed with this as Dick Grayson and Terry McGinnis battle the younger clone of Dick to save Gotham. I’m not sure what I was looking for, but this wasn’t it. Adam Beechen is a good writer and I can tolerate Ryan Benjamin’s pencils, so I have hope for the series.

The Ugh

Teen Titans #89- I picked this up because I wanted to see how the team would react to the inclusion of Damian to the team. J.T. Krull handles the characters well, but the story was blah. Nothing that you wouldn’t be surprised and I guess that’s why I didn’t like it. Nicola Scott’s art is great as usual, but didn’t like the first time you see Beast Boy, he’s got the one fang hanging out like his counterpart in Teen Titans Go!

Vampirella #1 – I’ll be honest. I got this book because it’s a number one and I got the J. Scott Campbell Cover (hubba, hubba). I’ve known of the character, but not really know much about her. Vampi is in Seattle trying to track down Dracula. The story gives you a little insight, just enough to get along. Wagner Reis’s art, what can I say? It reminds me of Mike Deodato which I like and is appropriate for this book. I don’t care for the outfit she is wearing – which seems a lot like Wonder Woman’s new costume.



by: Thomas(of The Fellowship of the Geeks)



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