The Good, the Not-so good, and the UGH: Reviews Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Spider-girl #2 and more!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! The books I picked up this week are DC Comics Presents T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1, Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Spider-girl #2, Thunderstrike #2, and Heroic Age: X-Men #1.


Batman: The Dark Knight #1– David Finch’s first (I think) full issue as writer and penciller is good, but not great. A childhood friend of Bruce (love the retcon kid friends Bruce has been given the last few years, how about you?) has been kidnapped and he becomes obessed in trying to find her. He encounters Killer Croc who is high on a variation of Venom, and is given a name. He’s on the trail, but is it a trap?? If so, who set the trap? Like I said it’s ok, but not great. I’ll give it another couple of issues, and hope that things will get better. This title is on my pull list, but nothing is in stone.

DC Comics Presents THUNDER Agents #1– For the last couple of months, DC has been collecting certain story arcs and reprinting them with the “DC Comics Presents” banner. Most I already have original, but jumped at the chance to get this. This books reprints issues 1, 2, and 7 of the Tower Comics that were original published back in the 1960s. The origins of Dynamo, NoMan, and Menthor, plus the inclusion of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. squad is here. It’s like the Justice League meets Mission Impossible. For someone who hasn’t read these books before, but heard a lot about them, this was great. It was a fun read and it’s great to see classic artwork from Wally Wood, Gil Kane, and George Tuska among others here. RECOMMENDED!!!

Spider-girl #2– Anya and the Fantastic Four are battling what appears to be the mind-controlled Red Hulk. Unfortunately, Anya’s father is part of the collateral damage and dies. Anya decides to quit being Spider-girl until her friend Rocky tells her how are her mother died being a hero during a battle between Spider-man and the Green Goblin. I won’t reveal what is on the final page, but we are given a clue to what’s going on here. However, the questions who, and why will have to wait to be answered.

Thunderstrike #2 – The aftermath of Kevin’s transformation as Thunderstrike and battling the Rhino starts the book. Kevin is not interested in being Thunderstrike since that’s what killed his father. A possible romantic interest enters as well as a friend for someone who wants to be alone. Meanwhile, the mysterious stranger who wants the Thunderstrike sends a strike team to get it. At which Gruenhilda of the Valkrior appears to assist Kevin and informs him that she is here to instruct him of the Thunderstrike and its abilities. Unfortunately, the team obtains the mace at the worst possible time for Kevin…






Heroic Age: X-Men #1– So sue me, I kinda like these “database” books. Steve Rogers assess the mutants, former mutants, and mutant sympathizers as well as their enemies. I put this in a “Not Applicable” because these books never really fit a Good, Not-So-Good or Ugh category. If you’ve never read the mutant titles, or (like me) haven’t read them in a long time, this gets you back in the game.






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