The Good, the Not-so good, and the UGH: Reviews The Incredible Hulks #622, Spider-girl #3 and more!

Due to bad weather conditions last week  I picked up both week’s books: The Incredible Hulks #622, Spider-girl #3, Red Robin #20, Birds of Prey #9, DC Universe Legacies #9, Brightest Day #19, Heroes for Hire #3, Thunderstrike #3, and Star Trek: Infestation #1.


Birds of Prey #9 – Part three of “The Death of Oracle.” A good part of the book focuses on Black Canary’s regrets in visual form (thanks to new villain Mortis). The rest of the Birds have been capture and brought to the Calculator. Meanwhile, Hawk shows up and is chewed out for going offline during the time everything went to hell. Oracle personally decides to go after the Calculator and free the Birds. I won’t say how this issue ends, but a month is a long wait! LOL.

DC Universe Legacies #9- This issue covers the appearance of Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern, the Final Night event, and Hal Jordan’s merger with Spectre. The backup story focuses on Black Adam with art by Bill Siekiewicz. This series is almost over (one more issue) and I hate to see it go. Len Wein has done a great job retelling the history of the DC universe, especially through the eyes of the storyteller who also tells the story of his life. It’s a great book.

Heroes for Hire #3 – Paladin starts observing the people that are close to Misty Knight (or Control) to find out what is going on. Meanwhile, Moon Knight is called in on what was to be a prostitution/human trafficking job. If only it were that easy. Not too much was added to the mystery of the Puppet Master, which is a shame. I would like to know how all of this started in the first place. The way story arcs are written now days it will be issue five before I get my answer. Still, I like the book and will continue reading it.

The Incredible Hulks #622- The Hulk versus Zeus! ‘Nuff Said! Well, I will say more. The Hulk is battling the Father of the Greek gods because he feels Zeus owes Team Hulk a reward for their assistance in battling the Chaos King and won. Won’t mention the end of the issue, but it leads into next month’s “Planet Savage.”  Another great issue by Greg Pak and company.

Red Robin #20 – Catman is hired by Mikalek to hack Lonnie’s firewall program codes to access the Unternet. After doing some tracking, Tim realizes that the Calculator is using robot duplicates of him all over the world. After locating the server’s nest in Istanbul, Red Robin enlists the aid of the Teen Titans to at least take out the server, if not find the Calculator.  After encountering one robot that exploded, the team finds themselves surrounded by more robots…to be continued in Teen Titans # 92. I enjoyed this issue better than the previous one. A return to form for Fabian Nicieza.

Spider-girl #3- Anya recounts her time since the end of the previous issue. She’s trying to move on with her life since the death of her father. She runs across the Red Hulk who explains that it was not he that killed her father. Anya’s father had been investigating the same death that the Rulk was. However, someone found out what they were doing and drugged them. The drug killed Anya’s father, but made the Rulk lose control. Spider-girl decides to help Rulk find out who’s behind everything. Come to find out Anya was recounting everything to Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman. Sue reveals that she has paperwork for guardianship, and gives her a scholarship that is in her father’s name.  This is a great book. If you are not reading it, do yourself a favor and pick them up.

Star Trek: Infestation # 1 – It’s the crew of the Enterprise versus zombies! If you know me, you know how tired I am of vampires and zombies. So why this book? It’s a Star Trek comic that takes place in a time period hardly touched except for the Marvel run…between Star  Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Kirk, Spock and McCoy take a shuttle to Calibus VII, where the colonists want to honor Dr. McCoy for his curing them of a virus that had plague them for a months.  They land and find no one to greet them…until the zombies appeared. I mean it’s a standard zombie story, just feels fresher with the addition of the Trek crew. Plus it’s a two-issue mini-series so not that much invested.


Brightest Day #19 –I’m ready for this series to end. Just seven more issues. It starts with Deadman dealing with the repercussions of the last issue. Meanwhile, Aquaman and the new Aqualad try to prevent Siren and her army from their assault on the surface world. I won’t reveal the shocking event in this book, but I really didn’t see that coming!

Thunderstrike #3 – Kevin is recovering from the events of the previous issue. With the assistance of Gruenhilda, he was able to locate the Thunderstrike mace. Upon obtaining the mace, Kevin becomes Thunderstrike again, but an altered appearance that looks like something out of a bad 90’s video game. He has a lightning bolt Mohawk! I kid you not. The antagonist is Adam Mann, a one-time Olympic champion who built a business empire from his endorsements. He also believes that the father he never knew was a god. His whole goal is to find out who his father is and destroy him. Adam plan to use the Thunderstrike to reach Olympus, Asgard and other lands of the gods to locate him. Not as good as the first two issues, but the storyline overall is good.




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