The Good, the Not So Good, and The UGH: Reviews- Brightest Day #15, Heroes for Hire #1 and more!

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 The books I picked up this week were Batman: Orphans #1, Brightest Day #15, Heroes for Hire #1, Marvelman Family’s Finest #6, Shadowland #5, and She-Hulks #2.

The Good

Brightest Day #15-There has been times I’ve wanted to drop this book because there are issues where essentially nothing happens. In a way, this issue is no different, but it was still a good read. J’onn is the focus of this issue as he is still under the mind influence of D’kay. We are treated to Mars reborn and all is right – until something happens to members of the JLA who are there to attend a ceremony in J’onn’s honor. This reminds me of Alan Moore’s Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything.” The final few pages deal with another one of the return, but I won’t spoil it. I’m sticking with this series because we are already halfway through and only 11 more issues to go, the action will start to pick up soon. I hope.

She-Hulks # 2– I started this book thinking it was a miniseries, but it appears to be an ongoing series. Jennifer and Lyra are still on the mission to track down the members of the INTELLIGENCIA (this issue it’s the Red Ghost). Lyra is also trying to get accustom to being in this time since she can’t back to her future timeline. She also has to deal with the scariest and hardest thing imaginable – high school. I’m enjoying this series so far, but as I said, I wasn’t planning on an ongoing series. I won’t drop the book because the stories are bad or the art is horrible, just a question of finances. I don’t remember the pencils of Ryan Stegman, or the writing of Harrison Wilcox before, but they are doing a good job.

Heroes for Hire #1– I was looking forward to this series because of who Marvel showed would be involved. It was a good read, and I’ll hold on for a couple of more issues to see how it really goes, but it starts off like a rip-off of Birds of Prey (which is not really a bad thing). Heroes are “hired” to tackle a mission by Control, who we find out is Misty Knight – a holdover from the previous HoH. The twist at the end made me think that she won’t always be on the sideline, but we’ll see. If they continue this “are you available?” form of drafting a team, it’ll be different, but not bad. The dynamic duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lansing, who have been out in space with Marvel’s cosmic characters, have come back to Earth to handle some of the company’s loners. Brad Walker does a nice job on pencils. Overall, it was a good book.

The Not So Good

Batman: Orphans #1– Never really heard any pub regarding this two issue miniseries, which sometimes is not a good sign. Nightwing and Robin are investigating a death of a young man wearing a Robin suit (umm…that was done in Gotham Central – sorry). Meanwhile a Batman imposter is recruiting runaway youths to form an army. To what purpose…read the next issue. I picked this up thinking “Hey, it’s only two issues. Not too much time would be wasted. Once again, I’m not familiar with the writer Eddie Berganza or the penciller Carlo Barberi, but they did a decent job. I’m also have a sneaking suspicion that one or two of these members may show up again as part of Batman, Inc.

Marvelman Family’s Finest #6– The final issue that reprints classic adventures of Marvelman, Young Marvelman, and Kid Marvelman from the 1950s. On the whole, I’ve enjoyed reading these stories, but it also reminds me how weird and stupid some comics were back during this time. It’s also weird reading Marvelman reprints from Marvel Comics, but the characters are rip-offs from Captain Marvel and the Marvel family – who are owned by DC!!! LOL!

Shadowland #5 – It’s the concluding chapter of the miniseries and like last week’s Batman Beyond, I was disappointed. Daredevil’s friends and comrades –in-spandex unite to stop the possessed hero and his associates as Hell’s Kitchen goes to – well – hell. A standard ending to which I thought would be an above average miniseries. Billy Tan’s art is good as usual, but I expected something a little more from this tale written by Andy Diggle. Oh well, you can win them all.

The Ugh

None this week – yay!!!!


 by: Thomas(of The Fellowship of the Geeks)

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