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Fantastic Four #587 spoiler- Human Torch dead

In the most recent issue of Fantastic Four fans finally learn what member of the team dies

from the Marvel ‘Press Release’-

“FLAME OFF!” In a move sure to shock comic fans worldwide, Marvel unveiled that its ever popular super hero the Human Torch will meet his demise and die heroically in Fantastic Four #587, hitting stores tomorrow (Wednesday, January 26th). Concluding the “Three” storyline that captivated the mainstream media and industry press alike, this issue and the death of such a renowned character from the First Family of comics signals the beginning of major changes for the Marvel Universe as the Fantastic Four lose one of their founding members.


01/26/11 This Week’s Hot Comics- Fantastic Four #587, New York Five #1, Infestation #1… and more!

Fantastic Four #587

Written by- Jonathan Hickman
Art by- Steve Epting

One of the four will fall

New York Five #1

Written by- Bryan Wood
Art by- Ryan Kelly

There’s nothing more exciting than college life in the big city. But complications can follow you from dark places – and not just from your boring hometown. In THE NEW YORK FIVE, Riley’s sister Angie is making a name in the Lower East Side with her new band, and now Riley is the black sheep of the family. Lona’s murky past appears to have been hiding an alarming proficiency for stalkerism, and Merissa and Ren will confront uncomfortable situations involving older men. But who is the ‘five’ in THE NEW YORK FIVE?

Infestation #1

Written by- Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Art by- David Messina

It begins here! The first-ever IDW event, which affects the Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters, and Star Trek universes! This dimensions-spanning storyline begins with a specially priced 40-page story by Abnett & Lanning (The Thanos Imperative) and David Messina (True Blood). Something goes horribly awry in the Zombies vs Robots universe, threatening to tear many of IDW’s biggest realities asunder! Don’t miss the IDW event ten years in the making!

X-Men Age of X Alpha #1

Written by- Mike Carey
Art by- Various

Mutantkind’s final war starts here. If you don’t know which side you’re on, check your DNA.

Glamourpuss #17

Written by- Dave Sim
Art by- Dave Sim

Glamourpuss ‘tees off’ on ‘honor killings’ by certain unnamed South Asian and Middle Eastern religions while Dave Sim provides the cover feature, ‘The Wit and Wisdom of JFK.’ In the History of Photorealism in Comics section, the events of September 6, 1956 continue to unfold.

Fantastic Four #570(new creative team) Review


iFanboy User Review: 4.5- I have never loved the Fantastic Four.

I am a Marvel fanboy, so I have followed the FF over years and enjoyed the Ben Grimm quips, the cosmic-level fighting, and the myriad appearances of Dr. Doom, but my heart was always with the X-Men, Avengers, and Captain America.

Imagine my surprise, then, at how this book scratched my itch. I have recently come to the belief that comics are an especially good way to represent alternate and multiple realities, as books lack the visual imprint needed, and movies are too locked in reality to teach us much about the surreality of alternate universes. Hickman has taken a thread left from last year’s FF, in which Reed reveals his “idea #101” – solve everything.

As he ponders how to do this, he is visited by the Reeds of the multiverse, including those with powers of the Invisible Woman and Human Torch. By the end of the book, he is brought to the ultimate out-of-continuity elseworld – the “council” populated by even more alter-Reeds. Talk about scratching a sci-fi itch! This ain’t your typical Hickman, and I don’t know whether it will lead to a brilliant conclusion, but man is it a great start.

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This Weeks Hot Comics


Detective Comics #855

Written by Greg Rucka; Art by JH Williams III; co-feature Art by Cully Hamner; Cover by JH Williams III

“Elegy” part 2 of 4 by Greg Rucka and JH Williams III! Batwoman captures her enemy, a madwoman known only as Alice who sees her life as a fairy tale and everyone around her as expendable extras – including Kate! But when the tables are turned, Batwoman finds herself in a hallucination slamming the present into a collision with the past, and the hints of a threat that will claim the lives of every man, woman and child in Gotham City.


Fantastic Four #569

Written by Joe Ahearne, Mark Millar; Art by Stuart Immonen

Double-Sized Finale to “The Masters of Doom!” featuring the last stand of the ragged FF before the triumphant Marquis of Death, as only the mind of Mark Millar could conceive it! And should Marvel’s first family survive that, they’ve got the wedding of the Thing to look forward to!




The second chapter in the saga of the Mice Templar begins here!
The Templar have fallen, leaving the natural world in the grip of tyrants and ever-increasing chaos. The promise of restoration for the Templar and the salvation of all creatures now lies in the paws of the newly-knighted Karic. But as sinister powers seek to thwart him, others are desperate to use his mission for personal agendas. Now Karic is anxious to complete his training so that he might rescue his family from slavery. But his new master is Cassius, a bitter Templar exile who does not believe in Karic’s destiny. Their journey takes them to the legendary Haunted Wood, a dead forest inhabited by Diabhlan, ancient evil spirits hungry to feed off of living souls.


SPAWN #194


“Endgame,” Part Ten
Get ready for Violator vs. Spawn! Violator returns to have his first encounter with the new Spawn. Meanwhile, the Clown continues to manipulate from behind the scenes.