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Comic Industry Insiders See Plus for Marvel in Disney Merger


Suddenly, a Mickey Mouse/Spider-Man team-up doesn’t seem out of the question.

News on Monday morning that the Walt Disney Company would acquire Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion dollars has shocked the most loyal fans of Marvel’s superhero comic books and movies. But some early reaction from people in the industry is positive.

“I am stunned,” one comics fan posted on the Newsarama comics news site.

“I hope I’m wrong, but this seems like the worst news in comics’ history,” wrote another.

“So long as Disney keeps their fingers out of the story content of the books, I am okay with it,” another comic book reader posted.

A self-selecting Newsarama reader poll, as of this writing, reveals 18 percent positive reaction while a majority are skeptical to concerned, and about 20 percent describe themselves as “terrified.”

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