The Good, the Not-so good, and the UGH: Reviews Brightest Day #18, Green Lantern Corps #56

It’s a VERY small this week. The books I picked up this week are Brightest Day #18, Green Lantern Corps #56.


Brightest Day #18– The Hawks are the main focus of this issue. Hawkman and Hawkgirl (or Hawkwoman) finished their tasks. Meanwhile Boston Brand is trying to figure why the white lantern ring is powering up. I won’t reveal the ending of the issue, but it is truly a “WTF?” moment. Eight issues left – I’m ready.

Green Lantern Corps #56– The penultimate issue of “The Weaponer” story arc. The Sinestro Corps attack the Thunders who are being protected by the Green Lanterns. Both sides are trying not to fight each other and break the truce that has been set. Meanwhile Sinestro finally appears and battles The Weaponer.




DC Comics Presents: Chase – I went back and picked this book up. This book reprints issues #1 and 6-8. This features the art of current artist/co-writer J. H. Williams III and written by Dan Curtis Johnson. The short-lived series focused on Cameron Chase an agent of the Department of Extranormal Operations. Not bad, you might wanna try it out. I find it curious that they reprinted this series especially when it’s four issues of ten issue series.

I wanted to pick up Young Justice #0, but my lcs didn’t have it (my fault – didn’t order it).

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