The Good, the Not-so good, and the UGH: Reviews Birds of Prey #8, Red Robin #19, and more!

It’s a big haul this week, mostly Marvel. The books I picked up this week are Birds of Prey #8, Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #514, Heroes for Hire #2, Incredible Hulks #620, Chaos War: Dead Avengers #3, Red Robin #19, and Amazing Spider-Man #651.


Birds of Prey #8- When we last saw the Birds, they were about to be attacked by a new villain Mortis. She has the ability to make people relive their regrets and shame and paralyzing them with fear. She’s hired by the Calculator to take out Oracle. Batman (Bruce, not Dick) arrives and gives a hand, but one of the Birds is lost due to Mortis’ touch. Meanwhile, Hawk (who is off Oracle’s grid) shows up at Penguin’s nightclub and informs him that they have business to discuss. As I’ve said before I’m a Gail Simone fan and she never seems to fail me. This is a book you should be reading.

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #514– The new crime lord Vlad sets a trap for Black Panther after his son had tried to do the same thing and failed miserably. Luke Cage also appears to offer T’challa assistance from the Avengers to which he refused. I know this series won’t last forever because at some point Daredevil will return and reclaim the “Man Without Fear” title and be the protector of Hell’s Kitchen. But until then, I’m staying with this book.

Heroes for Hire #2– The mission continues as Silver Sable is asked to contribute. Meanwhile, Paladin is doing his own investigation because he feels that something is wrong. Satanna is called in only to find out that the weapons are cursed! Ghost Rider comes to save the day and Silver Sable. If you haven’t read the first issue, I won’t spoil the twist. For those who have, nothing has moved on that front, except Paladin knows Misty is not where she is believed to be. I’m liking this series. I’d recommend it.

Incredible Hulks #620– This is the concluding chapter of the Chaos War tie-ins. Team Hulk helps Mr. Green deal with the big monster in the area, that being Bruce Banner’s abusive father. The good guys win and try to celebrate with their resurrected loved ones, but are pulled away by Hercules for the final battle…in Chaos War #5. The backup story focuses on Korg and Bruce is testing him to see if he would be a good ally for the work that lies ahead. Chaos War is over and we can move on. It will be interesting to see where Team Hulk goes from here.


Amazing Spider-Man #651 – This is the final chapter that introduces a new Hobgoblin, Peter Parker’s new job, and Spider-man’s new costume. I picked up issues 648-650 to see what was going on. This the first time I’ve read the title since “the decision” better known as “A Brand New Day” which eliminated the marriage of Peter and MJ Watson. The storyline was ok, but nothing I read made think that this storyline couldn’t have happened earlier. The storyline potential of Peter’s new job (Horizon Labs) is interesting, as well as him using those resources to be better prepared to fight his opponents (including a cloaking device). But there are questions I have…will he become Iron Man – having a suit for EVERY purpose? What happens when his employers find out what Peter is doing with their resources? We’ll see. In addition, there is a backup story involving Mac Gargan in his new Scorpion armored outfit.

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #3– This is the concluding chapter of the mini-series. Most of the reborn Avengers die again, but die heroically. Only Swordsman and the female Yellowjacket survive, but will they be killed off again at the end of Chaos War? Most likely. Once again, disappointing ending to what is a good mini-series. I know part of my problem is the re-death of Captain Mar-vell, but there has been a few minis recently that have had a letdown ending.

Red Robin #19 – Red Robin finds himself in the Unternet, and he – with the help of Anarchy, a four-year old version of Tamara Fox and the Riddler (?) finds his way out. This is the first time since I’ve been reviewing comics that Red Robin has not been in the good category. It was ok. I guess the whole VR aspect I didn’t care for. Things will be better next issue with the first of a two issue crossover with the Teen Titans and a confrontation between Red Robin and Catman from the Secret Six!



Star Trek Khan: Ruling in Hell #4 – Finally got my copy and it was good. The battle between Khan and Tamas finally happens and – well, if you’ve seen Star Trek II, you know who wins. The mini-series ends with the entrance of the Botany Bay crew in the movie. This was real good. I’ve enjoyed this series.

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