The Good, the Not-so good, and the UGH: Reviews Brightest Day #17, Steel #1 and more!

It’s a small haul this week. The books I picked up this week are Brightest Day #17, Steel #1, The Thanos Imperative: Devastation #1, and Weird Worlds #1.


Brightest Day #17– C’mon, you really didn’t think Firestorm destroyed the universe at the end of the last issue, did you? After a quick explanation of what’s going on there, the rest of the book focuses on Boston Brand trying to make up for lost time on several fronts (including seeing his uncle) and the Hawks trying to break free from the gate that is composed of the bones from their prior incarnations. They receive assistance from Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphire. There are a couple of incidences in the issue that I didn’t expect really caught my attention. The only one I’ll mention is apparently Boston Brand and Dawn Granger (Dove) are getting close. REAL CLOSE. It’ll be interesting to see how Hank Hall (Hawk) takes it when he realizes this. Nine more issues left. I’m ready for things to pick up.

Steel #1– This one-shot is a part of the “Reign of Doomsday” story arc. Steel responds to the reports of Doomsday on a rampage. He keeps flashing back to Doomsday original attack, which lead to the “death” of Superman and the “Reign of the Supermen” (Steel, Eradicator, Superboy and the Cyborg Superman). John is astounded to see that Doomsday is different this time. His regeneration is quicker, he had armor growing out of him quicker, he can fly and…speak? He calls Steel by name and says “St-urrrrrr” and “St-eeeurrrr.” Could he be saying Star (as in S.T.A.R. labs)? The battle doesn’t go well. I mean, if this creature killed Superman, what chances does Steel have? None. It appears that DC has killed another minority hero. I hope I’m wrong because I like Steel.


The Thanos Imperative: Devastation#1– The only reason I put this book in this category because I’ve been so out of the loop regarding Marvel’s space heroes, I repeatedly said “What the Hell?” while I was reading it. Cosmo, the dog who communicates via telepathy is honoring Star-Lord’s last wishes and is establishing a team to replace the now defunct Guardians of the Galaxy. They call themselves the “Annihilators” (I wonder where they got that name LOL). It’s an impressive lineup: Silver Surfer, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator and Ronan the Accuser. WOW. To top that off, the last page appears Ikon the space knight (like Rom?) asking where is the team he is supposed to lead. I may try the new series Annihilators, we’ll see. I was reading the Nova trades and was reading the Guardians of the Galaxy when it started, but like the X-titles, they got mired into crossover events and that turned me off.

Weird Worlds #1 – DC brings back the science fiction anthology book. We have three stories – Lobo, Garbage Man, and Tanga. The Lobo is a standard story written by Kevin Vanhook. Even the twists I saw coming a mile away. Very disappointing. Jerry Ordway’s beautiful penciling almost makes up for that. Almost. Lobo has a competitor in trying to find a bounty. The competitor literally blows Lobo’s brains out, but is that the end of it? C’mon! The second story starring Garbage Man was standard as well. I mistook him for Swamp Thing, and his origin is Captain America’s except everything went wrong. Aaron Lopresti (who I’m not familiar with) wrote and drew this story. The art was impressive, but the writing wasn’t. Third and final is Tanga, a new creation from Kevin Maguire (who also wrote the story). It’s a simple story about a female alien flying through space trying to find someone to talk to because she’s lonely. She encounters a ship and so happy she won’t stop talking. Things go south from there. This book is a six issue mini-series and I’ll stay around for the Tanga and Garbage Man stories, not Lobo.


BTW –My store didn’t get Star Trek Khan: Ruling in Hell #4, but it was ordered. Once I get it, I review it. Kinda disappointed, because I am enjoying the mini-series.

ALSO – I like the covers that DC is using this month. The white background with the star(s) front and center. Very nice.

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