iFanboy User Review- Ultimate Avengers #1


Ultimate Avengers #1 iFanboy User Review

I’m still waiting for my All Winners 70th Anniversary issue, cause apparently Diamond is screwing around with my LCS. So here I am, a comic short with my pullbin and I just feel like I needed to pick something up. I look at the shelves of the store and see what caught my eye:

‘Walking Dead’? Tempting but reading in trade.

‘Ultimate Spider-Man’? Bendis still the writer? (checks) No thank you then.

”Ultimate Avengers’? Uh…..well why not?

If this was two years ago, I would totally be stoked for a Mark Millar Ultima….I mean Avengers comic. Cause he did a badass job with the first two Ultimate series and if there’s a guy who will give you a summer blockbuster; it’s Millar. But with ‘Old Man Logan’ stink all around him and just a lack of interest in the Ultimate universe in general; I second guessed on picking it up. Well here I am, again, with some extra money to spend. Why not give this a try, huh? It has to be a blast to read right?

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