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Doom Patrol #1 User Review

Ok so I didn’t enjoy this book at all. I’ve never read any of the old Doom Patrol that so many people speak so highly of so the nostalgia effect was nil for me and I feel that hurt this book even more. The writing was fine and the art was nice enough, but nothing happened that was suspenseful, interesting or cool. It was just a bunch of people talking about different shit. They invaded this base for some reason and then they run away shortly thereafter. Noone seemed to even care that one of their group was killed. There was nothing in this book that makes me feel like I need to get issue 2 to see how things turn out. I frankly just didn’t care. I like Giffen, Annihilation is maybe my favorite ‘event’ of all time, so for that event alone he’s ok in my book, but this book was just to my liking.

Story 5
Art 5
Interest factor 1″

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