Out Tomorrow- Marvels Project: Human Torch Preview


It’s been 70 years since Marvel Comics #1 was published by Timely Comics, the early predecessor of Marvel Comics. Within that issue appeared the beginnings of a new universe, with characters like The Human Torch, The Angel and The Sub-Mariner emerging into the imaginations of readers.

To recognize the 70th anniversary of that milestone in 1939, Marvel Comics is releasing an eight-issue mini-series by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting that tells the origin of the Marvel Universe. Taking the stories of different characters and linking them together in one epic tale of scientific espionage and wonder, Brubaker will give an insider’s view of those early years, covering the era from the Depression through Pearl Harbor.

In the first three parts of our ongoing series looking at The Marvels Project, we spoke with Epting and then Brubaker about their roles in the project, as well as profiling the story’s narrator, The Angel.

As we get closer to the August 12 release of The Marvels Project #1, Newsarama sits down with the creators to profile one of the earliest heroes of the Marvel Universe, The Human Torch.

… for more visit newsarama/marvels project



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