World War Hulks


Loeb & Pak Prepare to Pit HULK(S) vs HULK(S) in 2010

In the past, when the Hulk has gotten angry, he’s gotten bigger and stronger. In recent years Marvel has put a little bit of a spin on that creative conceit.

Lately, the angrier the Hulk has gotten, the bigger his “family” has gotten. Skaar, “Rulk”, and soon the Red She-Hulk are all new additions to the Hulk mythology since Greg Pak shot him into outer space a few year back, and next year Marvel is going to bring them all together for one big, dysfunctional family reunion in the event World War Hulks.

But before that Marvel will be releasing two prelude specials later this year, subtitled Alpha and Gamma. Newsarama recently caught up with the architects of the event – original World war Hulk writer Greg Pak and current Hulk writer Jeph Loeb – to see what information we could pry out of them about not only the specials, but the event they lead into.

… for more visit newsarama/world war hulks



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