iFanboy Pick of the Week


Amazing Spider-Man #600

You will have to bear with me on multiple levels. It’s late (or very late, according to my body), I’m somewhat drunk, and I’m very tired. And I think I ate a half a pound of bacon at dinner.

So because we’re at Comic-Con and things work differently, you’re going to get a different kind of Pick of the Week review. I apologize in advance. Or maybe I don’t. Maybe that’s the booze talking.

(Please direct any and all complaints to all the members of the iFanbase who kept plying me with beer at Star Bar tonight)

Comics are normally a solitary experience, at least they are for me. I read them by myself and it isn’t until the Pick of the Week Podcast is recorded that I talk about them with other people. Here in San Diego, it was — and is — different. Josh, Ron, and I picked up our comics together and then we read them together by the hotel pool (after a while we were also joined by our friend Drea — so we had quite a comic book reading group by the Westin pool). So today as I read my comics there was discussion and (mild) debate and (mild) disagreement and it was an entirely different Wednesday experience.

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